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We host two collaborative performances as a result of our ATOPIA residencies : a live show by Bella Baguena with video contributions by visual artists Adrian Ganea and Thea Lazar, and a concert by Maryana Klochko alongside wizard local producer Ion D and lo-fi, half extravagant, half emo(tive) pop musician Inana.

21.00 – 23.30
Free entrance
In the frame of the ATOPIA residencies, Rokolectiv invited SHAPE+ artists Bella Báguena and Maryana Klochko to Romania to work with local visual artists and music producers, and get a better insight into the local art and music communities.

Bella Báguena is a Spanish trans woman who works with different disciplines such as music, performance, jewellery and other media. During her residency in Cluj, in April 2023, Bella worked together with visual artists Adrian Ganea and Thea Lazăr to produce new audio and video material.

Maryana Klochko is a music producer, vocalist and film composer born in Western Ukraine. In her works she often deals with the unconscious, through lyrics and vocal parts, seeking a balance between the real and the fictional. Maryana will collaborate with Future Nuggets musicians Ion D and Inana (Thomas Höfer), in May 2023, on new music outputs.

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