Country: ES

Bella Báguena is a Spanish trans non binary woman who works with different disciplines such as music, performance, jewelry and other media. Bella centers her artistic production in a gender self examination and an intuitive, emotional process, using her voice, body movement and identity, as well as objects, spaces and technologies, to create sound, video, sculptural or performative pieces in which the emotional charge and thought load of the trans woman’s identity becomes the key. Bella ìs production works in a nomadic creative process, which means the disciplines she will be working with will always depend on her interests and needs of the moment, and possibilities the environment offers, using intuition, motivation and curiosity as a process of learning and creating.

Her artistic proposals navigate in between lots of different resources, creating a rich composition of ideas, coming from the pop imagery and music and internet culture, to nature, the body experience. Organic textures, lights, sound reverbs, the sea and water, hormones, tears, lesbian love stories, the pleasure of the food, or even the trauma coming from the misogyny oppression, in public and private spaces, of the trans feminine bodies. Real things that make the daylife a true, emotional and creative experience. Therefore, Bella ìs objective is trying to get the close connection of the emotional experience in between her and the spectator, an honest channel to communicate, in which no matter if the tools used are the words and the language, the body expression, or the energy of the voice. The objective will be to find the way to make the spectator aware of her own story and experience, never letting an artistic production out of its original emotional purpose.

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