Country: RO

Adrian Ganea’s practice varies from sculpture, digital simulations, and 3D animations to theatre scenography. He is particularly interested in forms of fiction that can materialize through the subjectivity of technologies. His works are often described as liminal spaces, where the boundary between the intangible and the material becomes ambiguous.

His recent sculptural installations and wood reliefs modelled from digital assets, act as haunting fragments of a virtual forest architecture with eerie sounds. Taking a cue from the high-end graphics industry use of 3D scanned nature to fabricate fictional wilderness in films or video games, Ganea’s sculptural works draw from such models to cast embodied views of the natural environment. These works critically reflect on romantic aspirations in virtual landscape design and on politics of the fantasy-historical worlds they create, by conjuring up characters that conspire to re-enchant nature and our relationship to our environment.

Adrian graduated at UDK Berlin, receiving a master’s degree in Set Design. He is a founding member of the artists group virtuellestheater.


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