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On the 25th and 26th of September 2015, the eleventh edition of the TodaysArt Festival will be the cultural reopening of the Pier of Scheveningen, the iconic building on the seaside in Scheveningen.

This year, the eleventh edition of TodaysArt, the festival for contemporary art and music in The Hague, will take place on and around a unique location: the Scheveningen Pier. Exactly 50 years ago, The Pier was the location for ZERO on Sea, a large-scale manifestation of the progressive art movement ZERO, which focused on the relationship between natural elements, technology and humanity.

On the 25th of September, TodaysArt will open the cultural program of The Pier with a festival inspired by ZERO, with contemporary artists. The program will consist of visual art, installations, performances, club nights, presentations and interventions on and around The Pier.

Performances and installations

TodaysArt will present works that are a good match with The Pier and the beach, as well as artists that were willing to make works specifically for these locations. With her work ‘Eunoia’, Lisa Park manipulates seawater with sound waves, which she generates with her brain activity. With ‘Eotone’, Herman Kolgen and David Lettelier use the wind in Scheveningen and real-time weather data from other locations in the world to generate sound. Mike Rijnierse focuses on the bungee jump-tower; at set times during the festival he makes a heavy church bell bungee jump from the tower, creating a unique sound due to the vertical Doppler effect. Staalplaat Soundsystem will create a huge organ with four 24 meter long tubes that are normally used for sand suppletion. In the sky above The Pier, Zoro Feigl will appear to break the limits of what is possible with kinetic kites.

A club above the waves
On one of the islands of The Pier, TodaysArt hosts intimate performances and club nights above the waves. The program consists of a mix of upcoming talent and established names, as well as many Dutch premiers. This “club on sea” offers a varied program with audiovisual performances, concerts, live sets and dj sets showcasing recent developments in electronic music. In addition, TodaysArt will have several worldwide premiers, including the American Prefuse 73, who starts touring with his new album in November, but decided to do his first performance at TodaysArt. Another highlight is Ellen Allien, an electronic music icon who seems indispensable in the transformation of the former Van der Valk restaurant to a fully fledged temporary club on the sea. Expect further performances by, among many others, Electric Indigo + Tomas Wagensommerer, Group A, Lorenzo Senni, Lotic, DJ Nigga Fox, Rrose, Suicideyear, Young Marco and Zamilska.

4DSOUND is an omnidirectional sound system in which the listener can move through the sound environment. 4DSOUND is currently unique in the world; the technology has made a significant contribution to the possibilities for creating, performing, and experiencing spatial sound. TodaysArt is co-producer of a new version of the system and will host the worldwide premier of the ‘Circadian’ program, in which leading musicians and makers will explore ways in which sound can influence our perception, consciousness and physical connection with the space, by using feedback from the body and physiological stimuli. After kicking off in The Hague, the system and program will go on a grand world tour. At TodaysArt, a number of musicians will also research the essence of techno music in the ‘Techno Is Space’ program. The 4DSOUND program, as part of the TodaysArt Festival, will run from the 24th until the 27th of September at a different location than The Pier. More details about the program, location and tickets will be announced in the coming weeks.