Terraforma presents SHAPE Showcase


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For the first time in Milan, an immersive showcase of the Platform for Innovative Music and Audiovisual Art from Europe. Being Terraforma the latest member to take part in SHAPE platform, the event aims to provide insights about the intents and modus operandi of SHAPE in order to fully present its work. The showcase takes place in the fascinating venue of ASSAB ONE, the new headquarters of Terraforma.

The showcase will start at 3pm with the video installation of OLI XL and EMILIE PALMELUNDS in collaboration with 3hd and the interactive sound installation of RIAN TREANOR. The garden will be imbued by the tonalities of TADLEEH during the afternoon, whilst our headquarters will host a SHAPE talk featuring members of the platform. Later on, a live performance by JAY GLASS DUBS to be followed by a closing djset featuring Whities’ affiliate UPSAMMY.

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