Virgen María is the musical project of producer, DJ and performer María Forqué, from Madrid. María’s new musical project leaves behind her previous experimental / performance-based project ‘Beta_0<3’ in search of creating future EDM. Her EP G.O.D. makes a clear statement about the path electronic music will take in the next couple of years, mixing latin-rhythms, experimental production and dance structures, created to fall in a meditative trance where the audience and the artist make a direct connection of sexuality and inner exploration while still set in the most mainstream musical form.

‘G.O.D.’ is not music for a museum, although it can still be understood as ‘avant-garde’ with the artist-directed music videos for ‘Yoga’ and ‘Ángeles’ or Maria’s still, meditative, statuesque, almost mind-reading live sets.

Virgen María (Maria Forqué) entrances listeners in ‘G.O.D.’ by blending cutting edge electronica with meditative and sexual vocals rapping and samples about finding inner peace. The EP produced by Maria herself and the elusive duo perth Daijing also features work from Paul Marmota and art by Filip Custic.

Her pioneer vision to mix meditation and sex through music has caught attention across the globe, leading her to perform both in person and as a holograph across Asia and Europe, and this 2019 summer premiering her live show at Sonar Festival.

Meanwhile her aesthetic and conceptual art has already led to collaborations with the likes of Fenty, Gucci, Vetements and Camper, as well as performing live at both the MOMA and MIRA’s Festival’s ASMR campaign. 

Speaking on her unique style, Virgen Mariá says “the concept of my shows is to join God & Sex. I spread rising consciousness messages & the love for our naked body. I want everyone to know we are all God & that naked we are closer to our godliness. This is the message in my words, music & live shows.”


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Past events

This artist participated in the SHAPE platform which concluded in 2022. The current version of the project is SHAPE+. Like its predecessor, it is co-funded by the European Union.