Country: PL

SIKSA (born: 21 November 2014 in Gniezno, died: 27 July 2019 in the Czech Republic), daughter of Shivers and Failure, nee Freiheit. She spent her formative years not competing. Extremely talented, she finished her trial without a diploma. She didn’t collaborate when being invited, after experiencing great love she writes lyrical songs. She combines her imprecise workshop with a limited palette. In her work we can see the disappearing rural cottages, old mansions, clumps of trees, grass, reed beds and streams bathed in ashes and panic. Wild geese are getting ready to take off, the subject goes underground. A veteran never named the “Agnieszka Osiecka of the Polish Underground”. After the war, SIKSA settled down in a ventricular septal defect, disguising herself as a heart murmur.

Download press photo here (Credit: Natalia Mocarska)


This artist participated in the SHAPE platform which concluded in 2022. The current version of the project is SHAPE+. Like its predecessor, it is co-funded by the European Union.