Country: BE/FR

Roxane Métayer was born in France in 1992. She learned to play the violin at a young age, and then continued her studies in Belgium, at the Ecole de Recherches Graphiques, where she obtained her Master’s degree, in Speculative Narration, Narratives and Experiments.

She continues her practice as a visual artist and musician, based in Brussels. She has released several albums with the labels Primordial Void, Kraak, Morc, Wabisabi tapes and Vlek with the duo Sage Alyte. She has a few records planned in the coming year with Marionnette Label and Student of Decay. Her latest shows and festival includes Schiev festival, les Ateliers Claus, AB Salon, Beursschouwburg, Atelier 210, Instants Chavirés and Meakusma festival with the duo Sage Alyte…

Aside her solo practice, Roxane Métayer collaborates with other artists, choreographers and dancers. She’s currently producing pieces with Jeanne Colin, Abysse – solo d’un corps rêvant, as well as Siet Raeymaekers for her piece Gebogen Ogen. She’s also started a collaboration with Ateliers Indigo.

Through different mediums and materials such as beeswax, clay, or soap, her visual work stages a fictional fauna and flora. Guided by an organic imagery, she draws natural environments she has experienced, to create evocations of them. She’s also producing videos, where the sound holds a central place. Collages composed of sound recordings made in the field, sounds that she produces herself with different string and wind instruments as well as her own voice are some of its constituent elements.
She exhibited in 2020 at the CACLB, for the exhibition M/Ondes and this year for a solo show during the MV Festival in Dijon.

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