Country: SE

After Swedish artist Rivet’s debut album On Feather and Wire – released 20 years into his career at the end of 2020 on the revered Editions Mego label – surprised and delighted with its punk spirit, industrial pulse, sensual atmospherics, and body music flavor, we get a better sense of what he’s capable of. Hinted at by his work as the body music enthusiast behind Kess Kill record label and the years honing his production skills first as Grovskopa and then as Rivet, his current sound has a sophisticated slink and a surprisingly accessible twist of pop, while still recognizable in its dance music lineage.

While the album signalled a change of sound, it also prompted him to premiere his brand new live set at the 2021 edition of Intonal Festival in his hometown of Malmö – alongside the
gorgeous spectacle of shibari rope artist Ziggi Willpower – adding another dimension to the
Rivet story. He’s already known for his wild and borderless DJ sets, where he’s played the most hallowed clubs around the world with fierce intentions and rare skill, on more decks than he has hands. He juggles, cuts, drops and chops at an alarming rate, but crucially never to the detriment of overall flow – Rivet is a passionate and driving spirit in the art of mixing, whether it’s in service to the sweatiest dancefloors or more thoughtful and experimental in form.



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