Country: BE/CL

Quanta Qualia is the artistic entanglement of dancer/ visual artist Siet Phorae(y)maekers (Belgium) who studied at P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels and self-taught artist musician Tomas Dittborn aka Reverendo 23 (Chile). Live, their improvisation rituals are generated by a feedback system between sound and dance; abstract somatic and sonoral gestures acting as sci-fi chargers of space, time, subjects and situation. Where light and objects can become bodymind prosthetics and garments complete an ever-morphing picture. As co-founders of Nonlocal Research label for adventurous music, they release the music of like-minded artists and xenophiles, they curate total events (Nonlocal Waves, Club Cocoon) and have radio shows on LYL and Kiosk radio. Interested in art being lived and embodied they developed a preference for experimental crafts, alternate lifestyles and meaningful connections/collaborations, all in favour of a contemporary neo-folklore.

Their work has been presented internationally at festivals and places like Meakusma in Eupen, KRAAK Festival in Antwerp, Bienale de Artes Mediales in Santiago, Saal Biennale in Tallin, Les Ateliers Claus and Cinematek in Brussels and Kunstverein in Stuttgart amongst other locations.

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