Country: MAR/BE

Known for her eclectic mix of styles, tempos, and sounds, Ojoo, fka Ojoo Gyal, has a knack for blending diverse elements into an engaging and infectious experience.

Born and raised in Morocco, and currently based in Brussels, Ojoo has established a mean reputation for mapping a sound uniquely hers in meticulous DJ mixes since 2019 at venues across Morocco and Europe, radio shows on Noods and Movement, and mixtapes on Accidental Meetings and Chrome.

Ojoo’s mixes give equal attention to atmosphere and groove. They are a swirling cauldron of rhythms across a whole spectrum of genres, from old-school dancehall to its most futuristic and distorted mutations, twisting through dub, reggaeton, dembow, grime, and sometimes excursions into the noisy, grubby and sludgy, with illbient, musique concrète, and more.

Download press photo here (credit: Ayman Rahouhi).

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