Country: US/DE

Max Eilbacher (born 1991 in Baltimore Maryland) works with sound. That work materializes in a variety of forms; compositions, musical performances, conceptual systems, perceptual choreography, installations, and theoretical sculpture. No matter how the final work may be categorized, the art typically utilizes speakers and sound waves. He studied film, animation, and computer music at university while maintaining an active touring schedule with a diverse range of projects, including the musical group Horse Lords, whose just intonation-based trance music exemplifies a modern response to the minimalist tradition. Throughout these different projects, what is apparent is an arrangement and an intention of sounds that explore the capacity of structure, timing, and detail to pinpoint the elusive meeting place of the perception of form. A frequent concern throughout the works is an inquiry into the inextricable and complex relationship between sound and experience. At each incident of sound, a phenomenological abyss must be transversed. He is aware the listener is the agent taking such a leap. Composition (or whatever may be emanating from a speaker) is the practical enactment of such a leap.

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