Country: DE

As a co-resident of Berlin club night Janus, M.E.S.H. has been constantly active bringing fragmented rhythms to the dancefloor and refiguring club dynamics on records such as Share The Blame and Scythians. His debut full-length, Piteous Gate, was a bold step forward, leaving behind much of the dance-informed elements of his previous work and creating an unpredictable, sometimes frightening album of oblique, theatrical sound-stages. Violent cinematic effects enshroud ornate, virtual-acoustic instrumentation, with an eerie calm ebbing beneath the flux — a sense of shocked ambivalence.

Download press photo here. (Credit: J’Kerian Morgan)


Past events

This artist participated in the SHAPE platform which concluded in 2022. The current version of the project is SHAPE+. Like its predecessor, it is co-funded by the European Union.