Country: DE

L. Zylberberg, is an artist who has been based in Berlin for the past 14 years. Moving to the German capital after completing a Bachelor of Fine Art in Melbourne and Amsterdam, she focused on visual art creating incredibly detailed and textured images and playful installations that served as a natural precursor to the electronic music she makes today. She was also involved in a number of chaotic, visceral music projects which juxtaposed with her dense, multi-layered visual art practice.

This background has informed her approach to electronic music, where she refracts the feel and emotion of minimalist tones through a maximal approach, be that in the density of sound or the hypnotic repetition of imperceptible yet ever-shifting musical arrangements. Like words that wash over and through you in a moment revealing their intent over time, her music is not easy to categorise. There is humour and melancholy intertwined with a primal simplicity that can confound and embrace, often in the same moment.

She has released music through cult Berlin tape label Noisekoelln- ‘Greatestings’, Swiss imprint Präsens Editionen. She is also a DJ. One that can effortlessly weave a path from the esoteric out-lands of her own music to way left of field party jams. She is also part of the tight-knit Sameheads family, where she is a resident DJ and runs the long standing party series Twista.

L. Zylberberg pushes at the edge of what she thinks she knows with sounds and textures, edging towards those emotions that are just out of reach, just beyond words.

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