Country: LV

Ieva Balode (1987, Riga, Latvia) is an artist and film activist working with
photochemical film and image. She takes part in international exhibitions and
festivals presenting her work both as an installation, as well as cinema screenings
and expanded cinema performances. Her artistic interest lies within the exploration
of the fragility and vagueness in nature of the analog film which can be applied to
human psychology and its various fragile states. As a film activist, she is a founding
member of Baltic Analog Lab – artists collective providing a space and platform for
photo-chemical film production, research and education. She is also a director of
experimental film festival "Process" happening in Riga from year 2017.

Ieva jouined SHAPE+ by participating in Biliana Voutchkova’s Riga residency, organized by Skaņu Mežs. Together, the duo created the audiovisual work "It took a long time for it to open its leaves".

Photo by Kristīne Madjare.


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