Country: (PL)

Elektro Moon Vision – Elwira Wojtunik & Popesz Csaba Láng – duo of visual artists deeply rooted in digital technologies. They create artworks and experiences in various forms including interactive multimedia installations, live visuals, immersive and extended reality art projects (AR, VR, XR) expanding the boundaries of digital tools in the field of visual art. Their works have been presented at significant international digital media art exhibitions and events around the world, such as ~PdCon in New York City, Museums Quartier in Vienna, Akarenga Soko Gallery in Yokohama, Japan, ISEA in South Africa Unsound in Poland, Robot Festival in Bologna or Athens Digital Art Festival in Greece among others. For digital innovation they’ve been awarded with the prestigious Japanese OMOSIROI prize.

Founders and Curators of the Patchlab Digital Art Festival in Krakow, Poland since 2012. Founders of the Photon Foundation dedicated to supporting contemporary culture and digital art.