Country: ES

Candela Capitán’s personal work explores the activation and deactivation of social ties, positioning the body in relation to others, to objects and collective imagery. Her projects tackle the subjects of new forms of communication technology, relationships that blur the lines between artistic disciplines, as well as intergenerational impact and its consequences. These serve as vehicles of creation for dreamlike spaces and parallel realities manifesting in the form of choreography, installations, and performances that invite the viewer to engage directly with the tension, delight, and delirium therein.

Capitán mostly uses the language of performance to study the limits of dance, and the presence of the body on stage intersected by feminine sexuality and voyeurism. Her work has evolved via different mediums (live action performances, installations, and in the audio-visual field) and instruments (via virtual or live platforms) with the objective of finding different channels of interconnection with the public, and questioning artistic disciplines and their potential.

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