Country: UA

bryozone (Ganna Bryzhata) is a Southern Ukrainian electronic musician, member of the Odessa-based label система (systema) and the co-founder of the festival ODS. Her signature sound is peculiar and textural, spiced with enchanting vocals. It flexes and glints yet at the same time perches on a strong vertebra of confident rhythms and tangible patterns. Bryozone’s sonic caravan narrates about the synchronicity, concurrence of events, and the points of the time flow.

Tag`s: dub, experimental, lo-fi, environmental music, rhythmic noise, ambient
previous festivals | events: Brave Factory, UA; Natura, UA; Construction, UA;Strichka, UA; ODS, UA; система,UA; ХЖК, UA; Easterndaze, DE; Mageda Haal,EST; Studio9294,UK;

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