Country: ID/NL

Focusing on various hand percussion techniques and exploring ancient vocal techniques from India and Tuva such as Dhrupad and different types of throat singing. His unique choice of sound creates a portal between the past, present and future combining musical chants with acoustic traditional instruments and electronic sound. Besides playing in multiple bands and creating solo projects, he is also actively creating and collaborating at the intersection of theater, film, dance, performance and visual art.

He started his musical journey at the age of 9 by exploring various percussion including djembe, kendang sunda (Indonesian traditional drum), Cuban percussion and cajon. He then focused on building his own percussion sets and deepened his skills in Indian rhythm. He completed 3 years studying Tabla and Dhrupad singing at Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra, New Delhi, India in 2016 and completed his Bachelor of Music focused on Indian Music at World Music Department of Codarts, Rotterdam in 2021.

His practice and desire to study diverse music styles from around the world create a medium to see the connections between different roots, collaborate with musicians coming from diverse cultures, and develop music as a medium to understand and respect diversity.

Besides creating various projects around Rotterdam, Den Haag, and Berlin, Bintang is also an International Network Coordinator for Jendela Ide Indonesia, a cultural foundation that is based in Bandung, Indonesia. Currently they are concentrating on creating a multilateral project in the theme of “decolonization” with Multicultural Arts Victoria from Australia. This project is focused on creating more open spaces for re-learn, deep listening, support, and giving space for art expressions that connect indigenous knowledge around the world.


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