Country: HU

“When the time predicated finally comes & human clones are reproduced en masse’: my vote for the first musician to be dubbed is the almighty Balazs Pandi. Home base as Budapest, Hungary: this looming drummer has all the corner chops covered from Repulsion-blast beasts to the futuristic urban free scree of the New York Art Ensemble. Starting out a metal thrash & hardcore skin pounder of local energy units: Balazs soon got hit headfirst into the avant-jazz world and has since jammed with Wadada Leo Smith, Arthur Doyle, Trevor Dunn, Jamie Saft, Joe Morris & Roswell Rudd. If that wasn’t threatening enough: Pandi has also branched into the PA-Mangling World of free electronics scattered with continued live and studio recordings with the master of noise Masami Akita aka Merzbow, with free-sludge rockers Porn, world consumer Bill Laswell and Mr. Godflesh himself Justin Broadrick – and jazz crossed-stream polluters Mats Gustafsson & Sonic Youths’ almighty Thurston Moore.

Whoa! Enough sound-flesh-ink to make a library shake in fear, but it’s Balaz’s knowledge of the importance of local & global culture as he is seen being a Hungarian Journalist of music and culture and mainlining the importance of maintaining a grassroots DIY hard work local aesthetic that keeps him firmly planted to the drum stool to blow minds in both swagger and swing knowledge. If musical history is a bench press, B.P can rock 250 LBS + no probs. And find me another Hungarian that can flip OMEGMA sides while thumbing through the pages of DJ Screw’s “History Of Houston Rap” book and you can eat all my Eastern European Progressive rock LPs. In conclusion: a full artist & musician of the highest CLONE-ABLE character.”

John Olson: Life Is a Rip-Off

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Past events

This artist participated in the SHAPE platform which concluded in 2022. The current version of the project is SHAPE+. Like its predecessor, it is co-funded by the European Union.