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User manual for artists

Is SHAPE+ a good fit for me?

Yes, if you are an emerging musician or act from the field of innovative music, based in the EU*. Perhaps an artist working with sound and related audiovisual art. 

*See full list of eligible non-EU countries here.

What can SHAPE+ do for me?

It can give you opportunities to work in different European cities in the form of:

-) collaborative residencies;

-) performances, exhibitions and other one-off artist presentations;

-) networking event with other SHAPE+ artists;

-) promotion of your work through media partners and social media.

Who would I work with in SHAPE+?

A list of festivals and venues that participate in SHAPE+ (as of April 2023) can be found here, but the network of associate partners and local artists in each city is much wider

How can I become part of SHAPE+?

Follow the SHAPE+ website around March and look for the annual open call. Alternatively, you can subscribe to our newsletter and follow our FB/IG to be the first to receive info about upcoming open calls and other activities.

You will then be asked to read the eligibility criteria and fill in an online form.

Within a couple of months of collective discussions, voting and careful selection, the resulting SHAPE+ artist list is announced, with at least one third of it selected from the open call submissions. However, due to the high volume of submissions, we are unable to write back to each applicant, unless they are voted into the artist roster of SHAPE+.

How much time would I spend as part of the project?

The annual artist list of SHAPE+ is attached to a working period of 12 months. Your individual activities may happen at any point during this period.  

Can I apply just for a residency?

No, you can only apply to become a SHAPE+ artist. 

Can I apply for a grant to support my project?

No, SHAPE+ does not fund individual projects or events.

Can I apply to the open call if I have a residence outside of the EU or eligible countries?


Can I apply to the open call if I have a residence in the EU or eligible countries but I was born elsewhere?


How to get in touch with us?

By writing to

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