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The 2016 edition of Berlin’s CTM festival (29 January – 7 February) was titled “New Geographies”, examining today’s rapidly collapsing borders and emerging new hybrid topographies, and aiming to provide the tools needed to approach the complexities of a polycentric, polychromatic, and increasingly hybrid (music) world with greater openness.

The SHAPE showcase of CTM 2016 featured both 2015 alumni – Borusiade and Aisha Devi – and acts from the new artist roster: T’ien Lai (project by Kuba Ziołek), KABLAM, Charlotte Bendiks, Peder Mannerfelt, who, with a five-piece band, did a live re-imagining of his Swedish Congo Record, and Stine Janvin Motland with her project Native Instrument.

A SHAPE Meet&Greet was also conducted, featuring 2015 alumnus, performative sound artist Marco Donnarumma. SHAPE also collaborated with CTM in organizing the festival’s MusicMakers Hacklab.

Performances of Aisha Devi, Borusiade, Peder Mannerfelt and T’ien Lai were photographed by Camille Blake.

The SHAPE Meet&Greet, MusicMakers Hacklab and performance of Native Instrument were photographed by Andres Bucci.

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