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Participants of the SHAPE platform iii and TodaysArt, one of the platform’s founding members, are co-presenting Sand Songs, an interdisciplinary event on June 18th.

The artist-run platform iii invites us to explore the coastline of South Holland as a playground for new sensory experiences. Following Kaffe Matthew’s Pedalling SeaSides at Kijkduin in 2015, iii has commissioned a new series of experiental artworks that engage with open space and natural elements, and that playfully involve the audience.

The Zandmotor is an artifical peninsula, constructed as a defence against coastal erosion. This experimental solution uses the natural movement of the tides to replenish the beaches and reinforce the coastline. Thus a temporary landscape was generated: an open, spacious, continually changing expanse right next to the densely populated Randstad. A unique area, popular with strollers, surfers, birdwatchers and sunlovers, but also a place where nature and science merge.

For Sand Songs, a group of artists was invited to imagine this landscape as if it were a musical instrument, played by the natural elements and by human intervention. The artists developed performances and musical compositions especially for the landscape of the Zandmotor. In a series of short and longer interventions, they make use of sound, light, the wind, water flow and the sand in new and inventive ways. Flying a kite becomes a new way to make electronic music; home made pulse jet motors generate a composition on the scale of a landscape; there are kinetic wind and light sculptures; a soundwalk guides you along as you walk blindfolded, and you can take part in a musical treasure hunt, searching for sounding objects buried in the sand.

Works by: Marije Baalman, Lars Kynde, Tobias Lukassen, Christian Liljedahl, Anna Lemnaru, Grzegorz Marcinak, Maya Verlaak, Adam Basanta, David Pocknee, Tena Lazerevic, Jesse Smits, Kay Churcher, Cecile Gentili, Sophie Rust.

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