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German composer Jakob Ullmann is a participant of the SHAPE platform, and, on November, the 2nd, his works were performed alongside compositions by Ernstalbrecht Stiebler at an even called Slow Motions, which was co-curated by CTM festival and the contemporary music series Kontraklang.

“Jakob Ullmann and Ernstalbrecht Stiebler have much in common,” said the event announcement. “Beginning with their approaches to time and the deep concentration and immersion inherent in their music.” Although the curators of Kontraklang and the CTM Festival arrive at these composers from different angles, this cooperation represents an intersection of their interests.

His pieces Solo I, Solo II, Solo IV and Solo V were simultaneously performed by: Erik Drescher (flute), Dafne Vicente-Sandoval (bassoon), Ellen Fallowfield (cello) and Jane Dickson (piano).

All photos by Udo Siegfriedt

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